February 18th, 2024
Terni, Umbria - Italy

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Half marathon 

21,097 Km



42,195 Km




42/21 Km

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Marathon in pairs

42,195 Km


Family Run

8 Km

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Dog Run

2 Km

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For runners and for all those who love outdoor sports. A wonderful path in the green heart of Umbria, which runs through the Valnerina to the impressive and stunning Marmore Falls.

Sporting event promoted and organised
by Amatori Podistica Terni


An amazing


Leaving from Terni, the city of love, we’ll visit the surroundings to greet the Holy Bishop of Terni, Saint Valentine, whose faith has been handed down through time everywhere; the 14th February is the celebration of love all over the world

Take the opportunity and visit Terni!


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Race track 

42,195 Km | 21,097 Km

Leaving from Terni, runners will move towards the basilica of Saint Valentine, then the path slightly climbs for 200m. It becomes flat for 1,5 km, it descends in Valnerina (arms factory) and, after this, it continues to the waterfall. In the vicinity of this point, there is another slight climb and the path will become flat again up to Torre Orsina. We are at the turning point of the half marathon. The marathon will continue in plain up to Ferentillo and here, it turns back to Terni in a lovely way.

The Valnerina, green heart of Umbria, is crossed by the Nera river and greets all the runners.

Ferentillo is a village of the 8th century, famous for its mummies; then we can go on along the river, enchanted by the green valley. After 3 km we can observe Montefranco at the top right, while on the left side there is Arrone, an area which allow us to relive the Middle Ages thanks to its castles, fortresses, monasteries and old mills. Castel di Lago, Torre Orsina. We can start to feel the energy of water, “ Love watching Madness with unalterable mien” – George Gordon, Lord Byron. We are under the highest waterfall in the whole Europa, Marmore Falls. According to the legend, a nymph called Nera fell in love with a shepherd, Velino. Giunone, jealous of this love, transformed the nymph into a river, which took her name. Then Velino, not to lose his beloved, threw himself headlong from the rock of Marmore. This jump, likely to be repeated for eternity, is replicated now in Marmore Falls. 

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Designed by artistic high school of Terni